The Craziest Flavored Beers

Does your beer only contain milk, pizza, chili and banana?. We’ve listed 9 flavor concoctions you never wanted to imagine would be in Beer^^

Steak-flavored beer for dogs

A small brewery in the Netherlands has launched a new beer designed to bring cool relief to thirsty dogs. Kwispelbier, marketed as “a beer for your best friend”, is made from a special brew of beef extractand malt. The beverage is a creation of pet shop owner Gerrie Berendsen, who wanted her dogs to share light refreshments with her after a day’s hunting. The beer is non-alcoholic and fit for human consumption, but costs four times as much as a Heineken.

Blue Beer From Melted Icebergs

The Japanese, in their unending quest to make the awesome stuff on the planet are manufacturing blue beer called Okhotsk Blue made from water melted from icebergs that float each year ontoHokkaido beaches from the chilly Sea of Okhotsk, an arm of the North Pacific ocean bordered by Japan and Russia. Then the microbrewery went one step further and used seaweed to give their brew and icy blue tint. Perhaps not the greatest selling point but it does make Okhotsk Blue look, well, different.

Chocolate Beer

Attention chocoholics! Chocolate comes in many forms, including beer!. The concept of chocolate beer isn’t new, but Sapporo’s latest product, Chocolat Brewery, sounds darn tasty. It has a dark color and an alcohol content of 5.7%.
The company seeks to place its brand as a premium beer option linked to food, in this case the chocolate. The new drink was the result of experimentation of these workers of the company.

Milk Beer

If cholocate beer isn’t good enough for you, how about milk beer?. A brewery in Japan has succeeded in producing a low-malt beer with milk, after the drink was suggested as a product that would help use up surplus milk. The drink, called “Bilk” and the idea for the drink was conceived after dairy firms threw out a huge amount of surplus milk. The son of the manager of a liquor store in Nakashibetsu, whose main industry is dairy farming, suggested the idea of producing the milk beer to local brewery Abashiri Beer. Since one-third of the drink is milk, the drink has been viewed as a good way to use up milk in the town. Each 330 ml bottle costs 380 yen. For the time being sales will be restricted to Japan, with six liquor stores selling the drink.

Pizza Beer

Tom and Athena Seefurth developed their first batch in 2006, using fresh tomatoes, garlic, oregano and basil in the mash and hops processes. Now about 800 cases a week are manufactured at the Sprecher Brewery in Glendale, Wis., a Milwaukee suburb.

Chili Beer

This beer is not for the faint of heart. Each bottle contains an entire real chili pepper so it does have a very large kick to it. Reviews state that it might not be the best tasting beer in the world and it might actually start burning through your insides if you drink too many of them. But if you are a chili head then this Arizona beer might be something that you would really enjoy.

Ancient Wheat Beer

“Tutankhamun Ale” holds the record for the most expensive single bottle of beer ever sold. The first bottle of this brew went for $7,686. It was developed by archaeologists from Cambridge University’s Egypt Exploration, and Scottish and Newcastle Breweries. They uncovered an ancient kitchen in the Sun Temple of Queen Nefertiti, a relation by marriage of King Tut. They examined the dregs in the ancient brewing jars, deciphered hieroglyphics, and excavated at least 10 brewing rooms. They only produced enough ingredients to make 1,000 bottles of “Tutankhamun Ale”. The first bottle went for an outrageous price of $7,686, but the rest were sold for about $76, although at an auction at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, some were willing to pay more than $500.

Banana Beer

Yes, your read the title correctly, in Tanzania they make beer out of bananas. The beer was described by the late Michael Jackson as having a “..fruity roughness of winter barley and toffeeish sweetness of crystal malt… hugely tempting aroma of bananas; creamy head; firm, silky body.” The beer is a season release available on cask as well as in bottles. It has also been said that the taste of this beer is twice as good as the smell.

Civet Cat Dropping Beer

This imperial stout is brewed with Vietnamese caphe cut chon coffee beans, made from the droppings of weasel-like civet cats, which purportedly eat only the best and ripest coffee berries. After enzymes in the cats’ digestive systems break down the beans, workers scour the ground to collect the droppings for use in your morning Joe. Despite these inauspicious origins, the resulting beer is a creamy, pungent coffee stout that’s good to the last dropping.

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